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This is a unique service that will help you find a craftsman who can fulfill your order! The best masters of Russia and Latvia will compete for the right to work with you!

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Ease of use

Do you want to order an exclusive handmade product from the master directly, without intermediaries and additional costs? Or do you need to find a supplier in a short time who is capable of manufacturing a large batch of products according to your technical specifications? For this, it is not necessary to search for a suitable candidate on the Internet for a long time. You just need to fill out the form.

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Ease of search

The service of the platform "CraftsGoods" will help everyone to find the master you need! The service is absolutely free for all its participants: both for customers and for masters!

Only a registered user of the platform can place an ad «CraftsGoods».

Placing an order

After receiving your order, we will place it on our platform and the masters who are able to complete it will contact you in the chat of the platform's personal account. «CraftsGoods».

You will be able to familiarize yourself with the work of the masters and agree on all the essential details for the order.

Advantages of the "Offer Exchange" service

  • Make an order without intermediaries
  • Choose a worthy performer on your own
  • You receive an exclusive item according to your idea
  • Save your time and money
  • Your order will be made by the hands of a talented Master
  • You will be able to directly interact with the Master: control the work, make adjustments
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